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Studio AMA - ethical fashion lab by Soraya Wancour


Studio AMA is a hot spot for an alternative model in the fashion industry. During each phase, an answer will be provided on how the process can be conducted in as sustainable and ethical a manner as possible.

The § .chapter-series are a product of this lab taking all necessary steps to provide the customer with a responsible, guilt-free item. Responsible design comes to life. Garments and accessories are made from residual waste materials from the local textile industry. Manufacture takes place at a local social enterprise. The design ensures sustainable use.

In addition to tailor-made clothing, AMA also offers workshops on the sustainable use of clothing. Tailored to the target group, knowledge and skills are offered for repair work and alterations. The platform 'ethical fashion lab' inspires and informs about how you can bring sustainability into your wardrobe.

AMA - Latin imperative

To do something because it is right - without having to ask questions. To do and create from a personal conviction and desire. 

"As a designer, creator with a green heart, I started Studio AMA, to make sustainable fashion more accessible. I followed "Creation of Fashion and Style" at the La Cambre school in Brussels. I worked as a freelancer, stylist and designer for various companies, artists and individuals."

Picture by Julie Daems ©

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